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Beyond the Bath: Chronicles of a Psuedo-Academic in Self Imposed Exile

Slices of Life Beyond the Bath

Beyond The Bath
1 July

I've always felt a certain affinity toward large bodies of water, which is ironic, as I'm not that strong of a swimmer (and have a fear of drowning). So, whether I'm wading tenatively into the ocean, or about to step into a perfumed bubble bath, I enjoy a good soak. There's a certain solitude that only water can provide, and it is (usually) in that solitude I can do some of my best thinking. Some go to counseling, and talk therapy - I seek refuge in the bath. That's where 'Beyond the Bath' comes from. Social media, in all of it's forms, is an attempt at recording those parts of my life, 'Beyond the Bath'.

What do I LOVE? People that can SPELL or know how to use a dictionary when they can't. Tim Horton's Walnut Crunch Donuts & 'Double Doubles'. Changing Seasons. Public Service. New Wave. British Synth. Fashion Magazines. Driving on the 401 (in Ontario, Canada). Eaton Centre, Holt Renfrew, Zellers, Sears and Other Canadian Retailers. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s Sitcoms. Giggling Children. Inappropriate Humor. Psychological Horror. Suspense. Alfred Hitchcock. Britcoms. Wit. Slapstick. Highly Intelligent, Bespectacled, Men. Penn & Teller's 'Bullsh*t'.